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Helping Hands 4 Wildlife

A Wildlife Rehabilitation Non-Profit Organisation located in South Africa, specializing in Vervet Monkeys.

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Situated in the Mpumalanga region in South Africa, we take care of injured or orphaned vervet monkeys and rehabilitate them into the wild. 

Our non profit organization has now extended to all wounded, orphaned, or ex-pets. So we can have baboons, antelopes, mongooses, predators such as servals and all other species.

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Unfortunately not at this stage.  This is something that we are looking at for the future.

Everything roams free on the farm at Helping Hands.  The entire property is fenced.

The volunteer chalets are equipped with a fridge and microwave, however all meals are served in the dining area so the fridge and microwave are for keeping cold things cool and warming up a cold meal.


We provide a wifi dongle for each volunteer chalet (which even works during load shedding) and we also have wifi up at the main building.

Unfortunately South Africa have a shortage of electrical energy.  The government therefore cuts the power on a daily basis ranging from 1 hour to 5 hours per day.  To make this time acceptable each chalet has a battery operated light, outside solar spot lights and the best fireplace!

Luck for our volunteers, the geysers are not affected.  You will still have your warm shower throughout the day.

Most of our volunteers always bring too many clothes!  All your washing gets done weekly.  Summer gets very warm so costumes are imperative.  Light-weight clothing and shorts.  Maybe just a light jacket and Flip Flops but a good waterproof ankle boot for working around the farm. 

Winter can get really chilly especially in July/August so bring a really warm jacket and pull-over.

Most volunteers bring (which takes space in their luggage) and it really is not necessary in the winter months.  From September to March we recommend a net.

We love arranging various excursions for our volunteers so don’t stress about anything you would like to do!   For further information https://helpinghands4wildlife.mounthlumu.co.za/escursions/

Your question not here? Contact us to find out more, we’re always willing to chat!
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