Make A Difference

WE NEED 5000 Euro per month to cover expenses


Support us in sustaining the well-being of our animals, who consume approximately 450 kilograms of food per week—a consistent and vital expense for our Rehabilitation Center. Beyond this, we grapple with fixed monthly costs, including vet bills, staff wages, electricity, and essential building materials, not to mention various incidental expenses. Your generous donation can make a significant impact in alleviating the financial burden associated with these crucial aspects of our center’s operations.

Consider this: reflect on the daily cups of coffee or tea you indulge in, each costing around 5.00 euros. Now, envision the power of redirecting the equivalent of “ONE or TWO” cups per month towards the care of our precious animals. Your contribution, no matter how seemingly small, can collectively make a substantial difference. As the saying goes, “Little by little becomes a lot.”

Join us in making a positive impact on the lives of these animals by redirecting a small portion of your daily indulgences towards a cause that truly matters. Your support ensures that our animals receive the care and nourishment they need, fostering a compassionate community dedicated to their well-being.

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