Helping Hands 4 Education is based at the foot of the stunning Hlumu Hlumu Mountains in the Mpumalanga region of South Africa.

We are the only Education Assistance Program offered in the province, and as such our work focuses mainly on the local community in and around our area. The majority of the local schools are desperate for help due to over sized classes and understaffing.    Rural schools face severe challenges that are unique to their environment.  A lack of parental interest in children’s education, insufficient funding from the state, a lack of resources, underqualified teachers, and multi-grade teaching are some of the barriers to effective education. 

The schools lack administrative systems, are not as organized as western schools, offer very little physical activities and classes can range up-to 50-70 children in one class.  It is impossible to split the classes due to the low numbers of teachers so this is how you as a volunteer can contribute and minimize a few of these challenges.

The process to make a difference involves our volunteers working hand in hand with a qualified teacher for a few days.  Once confidence is built between yourself and your teacher you will be given the tasks to either teach a complete class, organize or facilitate a sporting activity, given tasks to assist the teacher or  teachers or just be morale support to both the educators and children.  Which ever it is and no matter what task you will be appreciated, loved and build very close relationships.

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