Indulge in a relaxed daily rhythm at our sanctuary, where the day unfolds with breakfast around 9 am, followed by a leisurely lunch at 1 pm. As for dinner, its timing is as flexible as the lively social atmosphere in our entertainment bar area, often taking place around 6:30 pm. Our culinary experience is designed to be straightforward and comforting, with Beauty, our talented cook, ready to accommodate any special dietary needs you may have.

We take pride in utilizing fresh produce sourced from our very own garden, where Lucia and Beauty are continually harvesting an array of beautiful vegetables. While our meals are typically simple, we do enjoy occasional outings for delectable experiences, such as savoring a good pizza or hosting a delightful braai around the pool.

When it comes to tempting treats, we highly recommend indulging in Beauty’s specialties—her mouthwatering Malva pudding, a refreshing fresh fruit salad served every morning, and the irresistible banana bread that has become a favorite among our visitors.

And here’s a lighthearted note: Despite all the fulfilling activities and delicious offerings, we jest that with all the work and enjoyment, losing weight might still be a distant goal! Embrace the wholesome delights of our meals and the warmth of our community as you create lasting memories in our sanctuary.

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