Asjas was kept as a pet up until she was around two years old. This still has an effect on her even now a few years later. She is still very humanised and struggles to be integrated in any troop. The other monkeys don’t accept her and she will take any chance to get close to humans and seeks protection from them. After many attempts with different troops that all failed after a while we now have recently introduced her to the babies and she finally seems to have found her place in all the chaos. She has taken the role as not only alpha female but surrogate mother and has taken the babies under her wing. We will see how it progresses and if she is able to stay with this troop and end up being released with them which is what we are all hoping for. She is a very good example of why keeping primates as pets is very bad and actually harms them. She is suffering because she was kept by humans and now doesn’t know how to behave like a proper monkey. It is still not clear if she will ever get to be in the wild again because of this. But we are hopeful and won’t give up on her.