R500.00 / month



Jack was kept as a pet up until he was about 1 1/2 years old. The SPCA were contacted when his previous owners took him to get his teeth pulled and they confiscated him and brought him to us. He was kept in quarantine to eliminate any risk of diseases and after that started a long process of trying to introduce him to other monkeys. He was extremely attached to humans and struggling to interact with other monkeys. We introduced him to a variety of different monkey and also a troop that didn’t end up working. He’s now with the babies and seems to finally have found his place in that troop. He shows no signs of wanting to be alpha and seems quite scared of the bigger female but he is accepted in the troop and eats and plays and interacts with them normal. He loves to suck on his thumb and can often be seen sitting like that observing the rest of the troop. He’s very calm and loves to be groomed and to groom others. It will be a long process for him to loose all his pet behaviour but we are positive about his future. He loves playing with the other male his age Willie.