Sampie (nickname: chewy)




Sampie (nickname: chewy) and Siphos Story is very similar. They were both found abandoned by their troops on different farms. They were then each held as pets for around four months. Luckily their owners both decided to bring them to us to ensure they can have a proper monkey life. They arrived a few weeks apart from each other. Chewy joined us first.

She immediately fell in love with the volunteers taking care of her but unfortunately was terrified of the other babies already with us. The first few weeks of introduction were hard and there seemed to be no hope for here adjusting to her new life. Things turned around when Sipho was brought to us. The two of them scared of the rest of the babies craziness enjoyed each other’s calm and soon were inseparable.

After a long introduction process, they now are finally happy within their troop playing with everyone but they still often stick with each other.