Adopt Willy

Willy’s Story is truly heart-breaking. He was kept as a pet since he was a baby. When his owners moved out of their house, they simply left him behind. He’s about 1 1/2 years old. The new owners of the house luckily contacted us. He was introduced to Jack in a cage separate from any troop. The two boys easily got along and together were moved to the baby’s cage were they both integrated well. Willie is very playful even though he can be a little rough. He’s learning all the monkey behaviour and curiously watches everything that is happening around him. In the future him or Jack might become the alpha of their troop even though right now he doesn’t show any interest and just wants to play. He is one of the most playful of them all actually and loves to come for sneak attacks. He is quite rough though even with the babies so they sometimes get scared of him, but he will learn how to play with each of them. Jack and he love chasing each other through the cage.

R500.00 / month